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Graze Master Events

The Graze Master Group

Historic Roots for Agriculture’s Future 

June 28-29, 2023 in Seward, Neb.


Wednesday, June 28 through Thursday, June 29, the Graze Master Group will present:  Historic Roots for Agriculture’s Future at Harvest Hall in Seward, Neb. Located at the beautiful Seward County Fairgrounds, the location has ample parking and incredible facilities with all the amenities and more. 

Wednesday, June 28 there will be tours of Ficke Cattle Company where the Graze Master vision came to fruition and some exciting locations yet to be announced. You won’t want to miss the fun and networking planned for the opening evening either! 


Thursday, June 29 will be an information and inspiration-packed day with speakers from all over the country who genuinely believe the future of agriculture can be one of hope and promise if we become laser-focused on “Balancing Nature & Profitability.”


We can’t wait to host this huge event in the Fourth of July City and an area that is so strong in Nebraska and the nation’s agricultural industry. 

The Graze Master Group is extremely excited to announce Jason Mauck as our keynote speaker at our big, celebratory, annual event: Historic Roots for Agriculture’s Future - June 28-29, 2023 in Seward, Neb. at Harvest Hall. 

Jason is implementing his agricultural vision in Gaston, Ind.  He has this message for everyone living today with a dream in agriculture: 


“Be proud of the life you've created and remember you're in charge of 99.9% of how it goes.


Quit worrying about what you can't control or what isn’t relevant.  Most likely your life will not be affected by what is happening on the news.


Your family, the life you've created, and your community is directly affected by you. It's as small and simple as that.”


We are assembling a group of visionaries who believe YOU can Balance Nature & Profitability too. Give the flame of your internal vision, longing to burn even brighter for agriculture, a chance to shine with people who want the best for you, your farm, family, ranch, and community. 


Save the date today! Contact Kerry Hoffschneider, event coordinator and a Graze Master Group founder for more information:  402-363-8963 (call or text) or email


More cool information about Jason Mauck: 


Modern production farming is broken, and we need to look to the past to get to the future. Things like soil health, clean water, healthy ecosystems of plants and bugs, and properly managed livestock matter.


Since Jason’s father passed away from cancer and Jason joined the family farm, Mauck’s mission is to rebuild the agriculture industry, “literally from the ground up,” by proving that extraordinary things can happen when you, “work with mother nature instead of dismantling it.”


Mauck farms in Gaston, Indiana with his family. He is passionately curious when it comes to everything ag. His company, Constant Canopy, is looking at agriculture through a different lens with the next generation in mind. He believes that the sharing economy will transform every industry, including agriculture, in the next few years. Mauck wants to create more regenerative solutions to produce and share food, energy, and nutrients. 


Follow Jason at:

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