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Hope Stories are written by Kerry Hoffschneider, a co-founder of the Graze Master Group. Their intent is to show that caring for the soil and all natural resources is possible, profitable, and benefits all life on earth. Some of the stories also feature rural people from all walks of life doing amazing things to better their own lives and their communities.

If you want to learn more about our efforts at the Graze Master Group and ways you can hold a “Hope Stories” workshop or event, let me know. These stories are meant to make a difference and inspire action. Give me a call or text at 402-363-8963.

To order a copy of Hope Stories for the Heartland, click here:

Stories for Hope

God Still Wants Us Here: Faith and Soil Health Focus Keeps Young Farm Family Hopeful

Don’t do what Mother Nature will do for Free

The Guiding Star on our Old Shed

Spanish Teacher, Market Gardener, and Mexico Traveler

The Great Mauck Relay Cropping Reset


“A Better way to Farm,” Turning Heads in Texas

“To realize one's destiny is a person's only obligation.”

We Would be Lost Without Him

A Common Sense, Informed Passion for Soil Health

Thank You for Coming Home

Counting Coins

Fire Camp

Work Ethic Central to Ward Laboratories Success

His Name is Gail – The Recovering Conventional Farmer

Farm Foreclosures and Legacy

Homeland Ties, We Love Our Pawnee Family

Honda Three-Wheeler Memories

Life-Long Learning Essential to Next Generation Farming

God Bless this Land

We clearly have too much time on our hands

The John Deere 630

My God, My Family, and My Art

Stronger - The Jacob Peters Story, Gary and Shari Peters Family honored with Graze Master Group Award

Farmers and Ranchers Deserve Real Options, an interview with John Pullis, agronomist for Agoro Carbon

Regenerative Agriculture Holds Promise for Next Generation

Urban Farming a Labor of Love

Circle of Friends for Soil Health

Corral Technologies – Helping Ranchers Optimize their Operations

People are Backbone of Trusted Testing at Ward Laboratories

Integrity and Transparency Legitimize Ag-Based Carbon Markets

These Country Roads

Farm and Ranch Family finds Unity and Purpose with Agoro Carbon

Meet Stephanie Wootton: Science is Passion for Ward Labs Microbiologist

She Believes in the Future of Ag

Hannah Dorn, support agronomist and marketing manager at Ward Laboratories, says in agriculture, relationships matter

Rural family demonstrates faith and love as they face Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy

Nate Belcher, founder of Hybrid85 and a member of the Graze Master Group talks about quality corn at a fair price and farm profitability

A Hummingbird Sent from Mama - Liz Garcia connects deeply to the nature she captures in her passion for photography and gardening.

A Lot of Love and Nip and Tuck 

Just up the road . . . 

The Lutheran Institute of Regenerative Agriculture - Pastor Christopher Maronde and his wife Bethany share their vision to connect people to the land, the Lord, and each other: 

Faith, Health and Hands to Work

A Farm in Service to the Lord and Life – Edwin and Diane Heinze talk about organic farming and living the American dream 

Where There’s a Will, There’s a McCoy – Vance McCoy talks about change and cover crops.

We have to do something!  So, they did.  – Kim Wells on local beef.

My Future Generations – Del Ficke, Legacy Letter

What are we going to make better today? Thoughts on agricultural changes – Kerry Hoffschneider

Southern Style Passion for Cattle – Ben Busby, Alabama rancher.

Scott Heinemann – Nebraska regenerative farmer.

Bolze Beef Motto:  Never Stop Learning – Sadie Bolze

A Name Synonymous with Soil – Dr. Ray Ward, founder of Ward Laboratories Inc.

Storytelling Revival on the Farm – Agriculture Communication – Kerry Hoffschneider

Global Experience Fuels Soil Passion – Patrick Freeze, Ward Labs soil health scientist.

Blowing Soil – Conservation in agriculture. 

Regenerative Era:  Jacob and Maddy Tejral, Nebraska regenerative ranchers.

She’s the Wind, She’s Nebraska – reflections on being shaped by the prairie. 

Forage and Feed Testing:  Why isn’t everyone doing it? Becca Kern-Lunbery and Carrie Putnman of Ward Labs. 

Farm Bike Tires – thoughts on bicycles on the family farm.

Hard Work Keeps Livestock Auction Markets Alive – Rick Shoemaker, Huss Livestock Market and Lexington Livestock Market.

Hybrid 85 Announces Partnership with Graze Master Group – Nate Belcher, founder of Hybrid85.

In the Heartland?  Kerry Hoffschneider shares raw stories of some of the social trials facing rural USA.

It’s about People at the JK Pollock Ranch – A Kansas farm strives to keep rural values integral to farm business.

Hague Angus Ranch Joins the Graze Master Family – Josh and Josie Freiberger join the team.

Umatilla Tribal Members Regenerating Soils and Community – Thoughts from Katherine Minthorn about building resilient, regenerative systems in Oregon.

Soil Health Functions – Nutrient Cycling:  Willie Pretorius, Soil Health Consultant for Ward Labs.

Rolling T’s Custom Kitchen – The Tonniges family brings the butcher shop back to Gresham, Neb.

Cracking the Cattle Code – Ken Stewart, Graze Master Group shares his passion for all things cattle.

I Would Love to be a Cow – Zach Morrissey of Eastern Nebraska embodies everything it takes to be a genuine cattleman.

The Fairest in the Land:  Magic Valley Potatoes – Jeff and Sandy Bragg know potatoes, inside and out.

The Graze Master Philosophy – Del Ficke shoots straight about cattle and agriculture. 

Agriculture in Indian Country – Gila Indian Reservation

Let’s Help Lift the Weight – Kelsey Ducheneaux of the Cheyenne River Sioux Indian Reservation.

Born to Farm – some people just know they were meant to be farmers.

I Stood Up – Sha’ Teal Pearman has big dreams for Indian Country Agriculture.

Observational Agriculture – Brian Brhel of the Graze Master Group talks ag labels and practices that really matter.

A Historic Speech of Historic Proportions Regarding Trees – Naturalist Sand Mueller

She’s Nebraska – Kerry Hoffschneider shares what makes Nebraska home.

Hell’s Half Acre – Del Ficke talks about his father Kenneth Ficke and the trials and triumphs of raw life on the dryland plains of Eastern Nebraska.

Corporate Colony or Strong Community?  Mike Callicrate and the team at Ranch Foods Direct.

Citizens Working for Clean Water – Howard Miller and Lisa French of the Cheney Lake Watershed.

Farmer to Farmer Inspiration – RegeNErate Nebraska event in Broken Bow.

Soil RX – Cody Nelson loves the soil and his family and it shows in Central Minnesota.

Before and After Flood Story – Duncan, Neb. couple loses feedlot in historic flood.

Before it’s too Late – Kirk Peterson talks about saving the family farm through wise financial planning.  He is a Graze Master Group member and founder of Peterson Asset Protection Group.

Farming, Figuring it Out – Floyd Koehn, Kansas regenerative farmer.

Nokota Horse – The fight to keep a rare breed alive in North Dakota.

Cast Dairy Farm – Jason and Jodi Cast epitomize the dairy industry.

Cowgirl Artist – Rush Cole’s fight to find her freedom through art.

A Regenerative Farming Family – Kevin Fulton, a pioneer of regenerative agriculture out of Litchfield, Neb.

Lone Tree Foods – Justin Jones loves growing local foods for rural and urban neighbors.

The Hub – Doug Dittman shares the art of wholesome food through the vision of the Hub Café.

North Star Dreams – Jim and Carolyn Knopik are a prime example of Nebraska farm families at their best.

Regenerating for the Next Generation – Scott Gonnerman leading change in York County, Neb.

Iraqi Veteran Ph.D. Candidate Pursues Passion for Rural Business Research

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