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On this Underdog Ag Podcast, author Kerry Hoffschneider spent some time reading some of her writings and sharing excerpts from “Hope Stories for the Heartland.” Listen to her bare her heart and share her passion for change.

Scott Heinemann is a salt-of-the-earth agriculturalist making positive changes on his Winside, Neb. farm. Listen to his common sense and heart-centered approach to the future of agriculture

This Underdog Ag Podcast is building excitement for a historic day in Nebraska! Zack Smith, the inventor of the Stock Cropper – the world’s first autonomous, solar powered, self-steering multi-species grazing barn, will be demonstrating his rural changing invention at Brian Brhel’s farm – one of the most innovative and resilient farms and ranches in Nebraska.

Want to hear people getting real about agriculture? This Underdog Ag podcast strives to do just that. Del Ficke of Ficke Cattle Company and co-founder of the Graze Master Group had a frank discussion with Vance McCoy of Triple Creek Cover Crops and Graze Master partner along with Kerry Hoffschneider, co-founder of the Graze Master Group.​

This Underdog Ag Podcast features Nick Cuchetti – Missouri rancher and Conservation Agronomist at Carbon Smart Ag. Nick is a highly motivated Conservation Agronomist – Certified Crop Advisor and Real Estate Agent specializing in Regenerative Agriculture and Ecological Markets.

While some of Scott Gonnerman’s farming neighbors may drive by his farm in wonder, his national and international visitors know exactly what is going on – the soil across the earth is depleted and our freshwater resources are running dry. They want to learn how Gonnerman and others are salvaging and rebuilding their farms and ranches in a “regenerative” fashion – a phrase that has been made popular by others in this soil health movement that has reached a revival-like status. But, for Scott and his wife Barb, it’s simply about doing what’s right for the next generation

Two men who genuinely know the livestock industry are featured on this Underdog Ag podcast, Mr. Ken Stewart from XL Ranch in Cowley, Wyo. and Dr. James Caldwell of Harrisburg, S.D. Learn about the science and solutions driving By-O-reg+ and Advanced Ag Products

There is a way in agriculture to do what you love and use your gifts. You will absolutely believe that after listening to my friend, Wayne Swanson, sending his positive message clear from Decatur, GA.

Genevieve Tonniges, a York County native, and University of Nebraska - Lincoln graduate, who now serves as the executive director at Wessels Living History Farm. Combining a passion for agriculture, history, and community, she's starting this new chapter with vision, enthusiasm, and love for the farm. In her free time, Tonniges describes herself as an avid reader, an armchair historian, an amateur writer, an aspiring world-traveler, and a sub-par gardener.

Emily Estes, Registered Dietitian –MS, RD, LMNT and speaker at the upcoming June 28-29, 2023 Graze Master Group event, “Historic Roots for Agriculture’s Future.” Emily is the Founder of Cultivated Legacy Consulting where she seeks to empower agricultural families and businesses to engage in intentional practices that promote a legacy of healthy individuals, families, and communities

Del Ficke of Ficke Cattle Company and co-founder of the Graze Master Group took time to visit with longtime friend Larry Hafer, Director of Sales for Agoro Carbon U.S., about agriculture’s incredible potential.

Jason Mauck farms in Gaston, Ind. with his family. Mauck wants to create more regenerative solutions to produce and share food, energy, and nutrients

Clay Craighton and Agoro Carbon Alliance

Genni Lekai and Misty Hirschfeld talk about how they are reviving far more than a small town restaurant in Benedict, Neb.  PK’s Revival is about community, entrepreneurship and sharing love and faith through food and fellowship.

Ashley Bruner, Illinois farm girl and now a team member at Agoro has a sincere passion for agriculture

Matt Denetclaw, Straight from the Navajo Nation

Friday Night Lights and Saving the Family Farm

Changing the Game with the Graze Master Group


Better Cattle and Getting Back to Basics

Livestock Supplements and the Rural Way of Life

A Decolonizing Pathway - Let it Grow Pharmacy


Visualizing Better Sustainability with Hybrid85


Worldwide Soil Testing and Ag Chemistry with Ward Labs


Preserving Water and Empowering others with Amber Weber


BBQ and Pride in a Job Well Done with JIMMYL’s


The Essentials of Agriculture Workshop 2022

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